Post 355

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Up Coming Events:


Chicken Fry, second Saturday of the Month.  Get out of the house and get some great chicken. Call in from 2:00 to 4:00, (295-2851) pickups begin at 4:00, carry outs at 4:30, eat in with your friends at 5:00. Don't be afraid to stop by to make sure we have enough workers.




 Lenten Fish Frys: Great success this year, wait until next year!!



Also be proud that the Legion Post is a silent contributor to many community activities.  Furthermore during the past year Legion Post 355 has awarded two $1000 scholarships to Fort Loramie High School seniors as well as sent two young men and women to Boy’s and Girl’s State respectively.  All have shown their gratitude for our assistance and have encouraged the membership to do the same for others in the future. Know that your patronage at our many events, from attending chicken and fish fries, to taking part in raffles, to visiting the Canteen, all make these contributions possibAs the population of Legionnaires and Ladies Auxiliary grows older the Sons are becoming an important part of the continued stability of our Legion Post. A current project financed by the Sons is the replacement of the current punch card entry system.  Although our current system does work, it is over 40 years old (so old that I am not sure of who can tell you exactly how old it is) and has limitations.  With the new system the Post will be able to track who enters the building at what times, prevent entry if an individual should not be allowed to enter such as in the case of not being current with dues, and electronically record with the entry card who has entered a drawing.  The officer/trustees are currently discussing whether new cards should be sent to members or picked up during a time span prior to implementing the new system.  Again, information will be sent to you via email.


New Members: 


If you know of anyone who might be interested in becoming a Legionnaire, Auxiliary or Son now is the time to join to get a full year our of their membership.  Spread the word.

For the Legion the membership officer is Bobby Barhorst, for the Sons it is Mark Hoying and for the Auxiliary it is Hilda Siegel. Please understand the drawing is only for accepted active members.